Dimples are cute when they are not on your thighs

Looking to detoxify and slim down for the swimsuit season? It is time to confront cellulite, the all too visible skin surface rippling that occurs to all women 9 out of 10 in some degree.

Cellulite forms when the fat in our tissue ‘herniates’ or pushes through the inner layers of the skin. It is unrelated to overall body weight.  The fat migration results in numerous “pockets” held in place by thick, fibrous bands, which create lumps or “orange peel” on the surface of our thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms.

Why is it that mainly women suffers from cellulite problems? One of the factor of cellulite centers around hormones. Women develop cellulite during puberty and tends to peak around another major hormonal fluctuation, Menopause. Hormones influence the quantity and the rate of fat productions. Women’s subcutaneous tissue are structured differently than the men, it contains 3 layers of fat instead of one for the men. Increase fat in the Hypodermis and inflammation in the body overtime contribute to the breakdown of collagen and the formation of cellulite. Women’s genetic determine how one tackle the predisposition of cellulite. Other factors such as lack of exercise, inadequate blood circulation, poor lymphatic drainage and diet cause fat cells to become larger, protruding through the collagen fibers where the collagen keep tissue firm. Keeping cellulite under control is a multilayered approach.

We offer a detoxifying body wrap aids in eliminating toxin by incorporating the gel solution with a quick manual movement to assist your own body to drain excess fluid while the light therapy wave help our fat cells to shrink. In a series of monthly treatments are beneficial.