Do-It-Yourself Dry Brushing Exfoliating Body Treatment


Who doesn’t love a good scrub? Winter is the perfect time to get all the flaky skin off. Exfoliation using a natural boars hair bristles with a wooden handle is a great form of manual exfoliation for your body to maintain a healthy looking complexion and a well-functioning protective skin barrier.

Before you start

You must have a healthy skin barrier before you start your manual exfoliation. As a skincare therapist, I still see people going overboard on exfoliating, whether using a harsh formulated chemical or scrubbing too hard. It may result in the opposite of the goal of a healthy looking complexion. The irritated and inflamed skin will have a  compromised protective barrier that leads to permanently damaged and scarred skin. Be gentle to your largest organ, your skin.

Dry Brush the Body

  1. Start at the feet and move upwards in circular motion, toward the heart when dry brushing the body stopping at the breast area.
  2. Dry brush the arms in gentle circular motion from the fingertips to the shoulders.
  3. Use a smaller natural face brush when using on the neck and decollete, be sure not to be to aggressive since the skin are thinner in the neck and decollete area.
  4. It is always great to follow a dry brushing with a shower or bath to wash away the loosened dead skin.
  5.  Follow with a hydrating oil or body lotion and skin will feel soft and smooth.